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Guest Book January 20, 2007

Filed under: — Jung @ 2:52 am

Me I am starting a new guest book here on my Weblog.

Thank you for your visit, and thanks for signing my guest book.

Jung kisses

(scroll down the window to view/sign the guest book or click here to open my guest book in a new window)

27 Responses to “Guest Book”

  1. Keith says:

    Well I wanted to leave comment about the kitten but couldn’t find a place. I have a ‘Russian Blue’ named ‘Kissa’ she looks a lot like your ‘blues’ with a thinner build and some what sassier. Great movie of the kitty.

    Thanks Smile Well, imagine my shock when the movie “Cats and Dogs” had a Russian spy played by a British Shorthair Blue kitten… the casting director should have gotten fired! The Russians and the Brits are quite different, even in their temperament. The Brits are basically big chunky teddy bears in disguise, unlike the Russians being slender and more gracefully cat like. Do you have an online photo album of your Kissa?

    Jung Feburary 27th, 2007
  2. Grateful says:

    Nice start to your blog Miss Lin.
    I look forward to seeing it evolve.

    Be well,

  3. chriscrocker says:

    Can you give us some news of your recording of the Fairy Tales on Naxos? Do you know when the discs will be released? I will be adding some News pages on http://www.medtner.org.uk and would like to mention your recording.


  4. yankwok says:

    Hello, try not to bother you, however, if you have time please let me know when your CD will be available, I try for awhile to get them in Canada, I may go back to Taiwan, not sure I can get them easily in Taiwan. Thanks, do enjoy your beautiful music. Yan

    Dear Chris and Yan,
    Thanks for your inquiries about my CD, I am slow on editing since I decided to go through everything myself and there are 17 CDs of raw materials to put into two! I will post the release date when it is available, it may not be soon… But thanks again Smile

    Jung March 26th, 2007
  5. vitaflow1 says:

    Hello Miss Lin !
    You now have a true admirer in Norway Smile The last few days I think I have played each section of your performance of Rachmaninov Piano Concerto no 3 on Youtube at least 10 times.
    This is no doubt the most stunning piano performance I have ever heard, and also one of my best musical experiences ever.
    Of course I have also left a feedback for you on Youtube (Movement 3, part II). I wish you all the best in the years ahead, and will be proud to follow your career, hoping also that I one time will be able to see you live.
    Thanks once more,

  6. ComposerPianist says:

    “Thanks for your inquiries about my CD, I am slow on editing since I decided to go through everything myself and there are 17 CDs of raw materials to put into two! I will post the release date when it is available, it may not be soon… But thanks again Smile

    Wow! That’s a lot of recording for 2 CDs! I’ve never attended a recording session before (other than putting a recorder on top of my piano) and it sounds like a lot of work.

    I am very eager to hear this album. Please let us know as soon as it is released!!! I am sure (judging from the few clips I’ve heard) that your Medtner recording will rank among the best!

    Keep up the great work Jung!


    Michael Grossi

  7. Cosmic Dark Star says:

    Can’t wait to hear the CD. Please, please, please come to Houston. I’d love to see a performance. You’re incredibly beautiful and incredibly talented. Your gift is a blessing the world is waiting to enjoy. Peace.

  8. Monad says:

    Hello Jung. This is actually Keith the monad poster. I still didn’t see a place to post this comment but thank you very much for the Szymanowski Prelude Op. 1, No. 2 podcast. I’ve enjoyed the previous set immensely and will gladly add this one to the playlist. It does wonders after a difficult week. Is there any chance of you posting a ‘favorites’ list for those of us that are neophytes to the genre? I did attempt to find classical music I liked but thus far have failed miserably, your taste in music pieces far surpasses mine. This site has grown nicely. Thank you again.

  9. bill says:

    Having listened to all of your performences everywhere, repeatedly, I wanted to leave a “hello” on your Guest Book. Your playing is magically beautiful, impacts deeply, and and it leaves one wanting to hear more Smile

  10. Douglas says:

    Jung, I am sure you get many comments on your music, but I just had to tell you how you painted a wonderful picture with your fingers and I will be looking for more of your work. On top of this I now see you cook, tinker with Areogardens and write as well.


  11. DenisR says:

    Your style is unique in the interpretation combined to the graceful way you play.

    I think you should add your interpretation of the Hungarian Rhapsody n°2 to your podcast to show that not only do you have grace but that you have incredible power !

    By adding more of these, you show the powerful potential in you still to be revealed…

  12. Michael Brennan says:

    You sound amazing, and its great watching you play. Keep it up! Smile

  13. psyninma says:

    You are a marvelous musician, and a good storyteller with your blog.

  14. tom says:

    loved your hungarian rhapsody video. love it when hr2 gets five or so minutes in and, for about 3 minutes, becomes so much fun. such a contrast with the first few minutes. wonderful piece. and lovely performance by you. i’m listening to you now and i’m reminded of those cute almost-dissonant high keys notes that make the mood so funny. thank you for the music. keep posting those videos. i’m just learning about romantic era music (though i’ve come up to speed pretty quickly lately), so your liszt, chopin, and rach pieces i’m enjoying/learning. i’ve been thinking debussy’s nice too. i’ve kind of fallen hard for faun. merry christmas!

  15. David Belliston says:

    Jung, I first discovered you on YouTube and was moved and inspired by your artistry, quickness, talent, long beautiful flowing hair, beauty, and passion as you played. I had to watch many of your performances. I look forward to watching more. I would love to attend a live concert! Thank you for sharing your life and talent with the world.

  16. Estela Macias Gloria says:

    Thank you for sharing you wonderful music !!!

  17. Glen Dixon says:


  18. smacgregor says:

    Hi Jung Lin,

    Like some of the others, I saw you on youtube. I would like to hear more! Do you have any CDs available?


  19. Michael Ball says:

    Hi Jung,

    Will you please come and perform at my
    local Royal Festival Hall London and
    pip Lang Lang with you wonderful


    Michael Ball.

  20. Jabes Medeiros says:

    Dear Jung Lin, your piano interpretation is absolutely amazing and fantastic!! It is a delight to hear you. I hope I can find your CD records here in Chile!! I big hug for you and may God bless you!!

  21. munro says:

    I discovered some of your Chopin recordings on YouTube. They’re great; he’s my favorite composer. I’m fascinated to find you’re a fan of Medtner, also a favorite of mine. My grandmother, a Canadian concert pianist, studied with him in Paris in the early 20th Century (and also with Maurice Moszkowski and Leopold Godowsky). She made some recordings of their work, though none were commercially released.

  22. Leo says:

    Would u share why ur a raw vegan?
    and how do u separate the passion to prepare from eating your creations?

    Is this perhaps similar to a deaf musician writing music?

  23. Jung says:

    hello Leo,

    It started with my desire to master every possible technique, the more I read, the more I was transformed. There is something very peaceful about being mostly raw vegan.

    I would only be tempted to eat an animal dish if it is something I’ve never experienced before. Since I claim I have tasted everything (that I am not scared of), I know what things taste like, and I can season without mistake without tasting a dish (experience), it is perhaps just like you said, a deaf musician writing music — I like that expression a lot Wink

    wishing you well,


  24. Peter Danish says:

    Hi Jung,
    It was wonderful meeting and listening to you this evening. Please come back and visit us in Nyack soon!

    Best regards,

  25. Cap says:

    Hi Jung–a good friend of mine referred me to your site and YouTube video’s and I have heard you with pleasure and admiration for your dedication and musicality–also your sense of fun and wonderful food choices! I have a lovely Taiwanese-American friend in NYC and now, with some of your posts and pictures, I am even more sad to have not visited in a number of years.

    I also have a writer friend who lives there who I would love for you to meet–she covers social media and I think it would be fascinating to have her interview you, for an article or her blog, on how social media is part of your artistic life.(she has worked for Business Week and Hearst Newspapers). She is also a neat and smart lady. Let me know if that would be of interest to you and I can give you her phone and email if you wish it…

    Anyway, best regards from chilly Michigan and I hope one day to hear you live! All the Best in your further career–and thanks for the Sibelius and all the rest! Cap

  26. Peter Schleh says:

    Dear Ms Lin, I want to thank you one human being to another for all the joy you bring to us through your music and artistry. The focus, the range of emotion you are able to bring and evoke in your performances is spellbinding. I sincerely wish you have the same joy in your life. BTW you are a vision of beauty in all ways.

  27. T. H. says:

    Hi, just wondering what the status is on the medtner cd. I really like his music, and am very interested in hearing your rendition of the skazki.

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